Last week we were at the crematorium to say farewell to our Labrador Lordík. Thank you for everything.

Petr Vyletěl with his wife, Prague 5

Thank you so much for your approach and opportunity to say goodbye with dignity to our tom-cat Macíček.

Jana Horáková, Brandýs nad Labem

In this way we would like to thank the pet crematorium Prague for allowing yesterday's final farewell to our loving dog Argo. We've never come across such a professional approach before and we are happy that we were able to see off our dog on his last journey on this very spot. Once again, many thanks.

Luboš and Martina, Prague

Hello, I would like to thank the Prague pet crematorium for the professional services provided to us. We are glad that we can still have our Badíček at home. Thank you.

Karel Srba, Roztoky

Thanks so much for the last farewell to our darling -tomcat Henoušek. Even though it was tough, everything was beautifully prepared and your approach was very professional. THANK YOU.

Dagmar Petržílková

Last Wednesday we said good bye to our tom-cat Pido. I would like to thank the crematorium for a great attitude.

Jiří Svoboda, Prague

I also used this service with my beloved dog. On the eve of my decision, I arranged everything over the phone – the vet who came to my home and the service of the crematorium. My evening call was very sad and unfortunate. I received sympathy and a gentle approach from Mr Šimon. The departure of our loved ones is always a very painful and difficult moment when you need a soul mate, and this really works here.

Silvie Hušková, Prague

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