How can I be certain that I get only the ashes of my pet?

It is a top priority for us that we can always pass the correct ashes of the pet to its owner. Our crematorium is the only one in the Czech Republic, which provides a unique guarantee system, thanks to which confusion is all together avoided. Upon reception the pet is given its own code which is with him/her at all times from the storage in the cooler until the emptying of the ashes into the urn.

Is my pet really in the incinerator alone?

We guarantee that your pet is always alone in the combustion furnace. This is completely independent of its size. Why? Only in this way can a 100% single cremation be guaranteed. Some crematoria have several openings leading into the combustion chamber and thus a number of cremations can be held at the same time in these facilities. Flowing air in the combustion furnace causes a mixing of ashes. This can never be avoided in this type of cremation procedure.

We do not use this procedure and can therefore guarantee that you always receive only the ashes of your loved one because he/she is always alone in the incinerator.

Will I get the urn after 1 hour of the cremation?

Yes. You do not have to wait several days for the urn containing the ashes of your loved one. You can pick up the urn after one hour of the end of the cremation or we will deliver it to your home. An hour is the minimum time because the ashes have to cool in a metal container (cremulator). We then fill the ashes into the urn. All this we do in just one hour and you do not have to wait for days to get the urn.

How does the cremation work?

First, the pet arrives in a special bag and is then kept in the cool box. On the day of cremation the pet is removed from the pouch, placed in an ecological coffin, weighed and the individual cremation begins. During the cremation the pet is always alone in the incinerator. The cremation process takes place in a modern incinerator. It is a smaller version of the cremation used for people. The duration of cremation depends on the weight of the pet, usually it is between 60 - 90 minutes. Then the ash is taken out and poured into a cooling vessel. After cooling, the ash is processed in the cremulator; after the end of this process the ashes are in the form of a fine powder which is poured into an urn.

I'm interested in a cremation. What should I do?

Contact us by phone or via e-mail and we will discuss everything with you. You can decide if we should pick up your pet from your home or from the vet. Together we can choose the cremation date. We will show you our entire range of services and discuss all your choices.

When can I bring my pet to the crematorium?

Any time. We are open 7 days a week around the clock to assist you. The crematorium is open daily during working week from 9am to 6pm. Outside of these hours we hold an on call service for you – you can bring your pet even at night. However, it can happen that we are out to assist another pet owner. Therefore it is advisable to always contact us on our free call hotline 800 122 122 and make an appointment.

What documents are required?

Before the cremation it needs to be proven that your loved one has not injured anyone before his death and that he was vaccinated regularly. However, it is a good idea to take the death certificate from the vet and the vaccination certificate. If you opt for our complete package, our vet will fill everything out for you.

How is the reception of pets organised?

The main document is called cremation document. We go through it together and fill in the main information about you, your pet, urn type and other required services. If you arrive by car, it is better to leave the pet in the car because the reception takes place after the filling of this form. The the pet will be put into a special bag, weighed and given a cremation stone with a unique number. Then the pet will be put into a cool box where it waits for cremation.

Can other pets be cremated or is it just for dogs and cats?

All pets such as snakes, lizards, parrots, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. can be cremated. The maximum allowed weight of the pet is 130kg.

Can we say farewell right in the crematorium?

Yes, that is possible. The crematorium has a modern farewell hall, where you can say goodbye with dignity. Everything is right at the crematorium and you therefore do not need to bring your pet anywhere else, it remains in the same place.

Is it possible to attend the cremation itself?

Yes. Our farewell room is equipped with a window through which you can watch the cremation. You can see your loved one is in the incinerator and that he/she is there alone.

How is the farewell organised in the farewell room?

Your pet will be in a high-quality wooden coffin and covered half-covered by a blanket. There will be candles and music in the room. You can also bring your own music on a CD or flash disc, or use the spotify programme on our tablet. You can put flowers, toys or sweets into the coffin – everything you would like to travel with your pet on its last journey. Then you can say you farewell in private – ca. 45 minutes.

What are the payment options?

If you need to organise the transport of the pet from your home or your vet, you need to pay cash the transport costs to the transport company which will pick the pet up. In the crematorium you can pay cash or by card.

When can you pick up my pet from my home?

Everything depends on our workload but if you live in Prague and its surroundings, we can be with you within 30-90 minutes. For other destinations we need more time, however, we will still come on the same day of your call, in the span of a few hours, all around the Czech Republic.


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